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Shark, An Asian Style Tattoo Artist

Shark is an asian style tattoo artist in Toronto, Ontario.

Shark, originally a tattoo artist based in Korea, has been tattooing for 17 years now. When he first met his sensei in Korea, Master Sengmoon Kim, he was merely 16 years old. Upon becoming Shark’s teacher, Master Kim took him to a Buddhist temple for 3 years to properly learn how to hand-draw a diversity of Asian style arts. After mastering his sketching and drawing techniques, Shark was invited by his master to start tattooing in his shop as an apprentice. After 3 years in Korea, Master Kim sent Shark to Japan for another 2 years to finish his apprenticeship. As a young and upcoming tattoo artist, Shark then moved to Shanghai for a year in order to learn Chinese style tattoo designs and its history in hoping to improve and establish himself as a more well-rounded Asian style tattoo artist. With prior experiences in Korea, Japan, and Shanghai, Shark was able to claim first place in an underground tattoo convention in Korea called Ink Ban after going back from Shanghai. Since then, he had traveled around the world and worked in multiple cities such as Bari in Italy, New Mexico, and even Los Angeles. Already being a well-established tattoo artist, Shark moved back to Korea to tattoo, where he claimed first place once again at the Ink Ban tattoo convention. He relocated to Toronto, Canada on September 21, 2012, and has been tattooing ever since.

Shark specializes in asian style tattoos in Toronto, ON. Find him on pick the @master_shark
Shark specializes in asian style tattoos in Toronto, ON. Find him on pick the @master_shark

"I already spent so many bad time because of the tattooing in the Korea but still I love it because
when I do the tattooing I feel I alive."